There are certain strategies for having a podcast with no monthly fees when it comes to media hosting.

1. Host Your Files on Your Website

This has been tried, and I know a few people who had been asked to move. The problem is not the bandwidth, but that the number of people grabbing your mp3 at the same time is too much for a website host. When I spoke with Bluehost and Hostgator (two popular hosting companies) neither would tell me jst how many downloads one would need to cause a problem. T

There is also the issues of stats. When you host on a free web host, download stats done come with the package.


This is a free hosting service that people who are paying for a website with more flexibility can use as they can put systems in place (also free ) to track downloads. In this scenario (free media hosting) there is no such option. This I could use this for a host, but I would have no stats. – Not an option for me.


We offer podcast hosting completely free of charge and without any limits.

  • Unlimited podcasts and episodes
  • Unlimited episode size and duration
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth

When your podcast is hosted with a short audio ad is inserted at the start of your episodes. Advertising revenue is split 50/50 with you, and we use our share to cover the cost of hosting.

At this time our platform only supports mp3 encoded episodes, so just be sure to save your episodes in this format before uploading to the platform.

When they say they pay you, we are talking 0.0005 per download. This means to get to the $100 payout you need 200,000 downloads. Keep in mind, making money is NOT the purpose of this podcast. Don’t get bent out of shape. Instead, be happy that you have an RSS feed (that you can redirect), stats, unlimited files and bandwidth with no monthly fees.