A Typical Podcaster Pays

  • $15/month For media hosting
  • $7/month For Web hosting

If you are getting into podcasting “just for the fun” that means you will spend $264 a year. 

This Course shows you how to:

Use media hosting that is not only free – they PAY YOU

Use a free website service build your web presence

What About Microphones?

You can create a podcast with your phone, and or a great sounding microphone for under $70 (a one time fee).

We will spotlight free software to record skype calls.

Who is this Designed For?

The solo podcaster, or a podcast with two hosts in separate locations

The person who is not looking to make money from their podcast. (Schools, Non Profits, Hobbyists).

What Does the Course Cover?

How to record your podcast using free software

How to design your album artwork using free software

How to submit your podcast to iTunes

How to Record Skype software using free software.