Learn To Podcast For Free


You want to start a podcast because it sounds fun!

Then you checked around and there are courses that cost you thousands of dollars, and tons out of outdated YouTube videos that left you confused, stressed out, and frustrated. So you:

Checked facebook groups

Checked Linkedin

Did HUNDREDS of Google Searches, but you still can’t figure out exactly what to do (there is so much Jargon).

You don’t want to invest so much money, when you’re starting out as a hobby.

Is there a way to test the water before investing so heavily?

Yes, yes there is…

This course will show you how to podcast and have no monthly fees.

Other website tell you what to do,  this course shows you HOW to do it.

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What Does the Course Cover?

How to connect your microphone (and not one that cost $600, try $35, or just use your earbuds).

How to record your podcast using free software

How to design your album artwork using free software

How to submit your podcast to iTunes

How to Record Skype software using free software.

You can start recording TODAY and be in iTunes in two weeks. 



Learn From a Leading Expert With 10 Years Of Experience

Dave Jackson:

First podcast about podcasting

Over 1 million downloads of podcast about podcasting

Nominated for podcast awards

Featured speaker at Podcast Events

Author of the Book “More Podcast Money”

Member of the Academy for Podcasters

Regular Contributor to Podertainment Magazine

Director of Podcasting for the New Media Expo

Don’t worry, there is a 30 day guarantee. If you not happy, I’ll give you your money back.

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